Just Kiddin – Thinking About It (Newell Remix)

Lookin for some of dat new new?  If you’re interested, I think I found it.  I’m sick and tired of the same old cookie-cut EDM that’s regurgitated within the scene.  It’s hard to pinpoint someone who has the guts to make what they want and to not confine to what everyone else is doing.  Newell, friend of Stiffnecknation, has just released a real tasty remix of “Thinking About It” by Just Kiddin that will take you on a new kind of trip.  If you’ve never heard of Newell, he released one of my favorite remixes of 2013 with his take on “Big Blue Wave” by Hey Ocean!  and it never fails to give me chills running down my spine.

When I look for new music, I’m searching for something that gives me the feels and puts a purpose behind who I am as a person.  I don’t want to spoil the magic behind these two tracks, but they do the trick.  Give both his newest release and his classic “Big Blue Wave” below a try. Much love.

GET FREE / CINEMA (VIP EDIT) – Skrillex and Diplo aka Jack U

Thank you, Jack U for the seamless VIP Edit of Get Free and Cinema. Two classics from Major Lazer (Get Free) and Skrillex (the infamous Cinema) mashed together on top of a smooth sounding edit from the two best of friends Diplo and Skrillex. Watch closely as they continue to stomp on the dance music scene.


Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Kenton Remix)

Here’s a new Top 40 remix from a fairly new producer to the scene, Ryan Kenton. He released an album titled #KENTON approximately two months ago (which you can buy here) and has released a couple remixes since. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for for anything else this man produces as he continues to develop his music producing career.

Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul (Original Mix)

Spinnin’ Records is at it again, this time with an incredible track by Michael Calfan.  Hailing from Paris, France, Calfan’s combination progression of bone-chilling piano chords, summer vibes, and passionate vocals makes Treasured Soul a unique and inspiring dance anthem.  Be prepared to put this tune on repeat, and turn it up!

Kygo – Firestone ft. Conrad

We’ve all heard of Kygo and his incredible collection of hit remixes over the past year.  However, we haven’t heard an original track from the King of Tropical House in a while… until now.  Like his other tracks, Kygo’s original track “Firestone” featuring Conrad is downright sexy and will make you want to strip down to your skivvies – disregarding the frigid temperatures.

Mura Masa – I’ll Be Alright (Tonight)

Ladies and gents, I present you the chillest lazy Sunday tune that I’ve heard all year.  If this song were to be described In terms of deep V’s, this track so emotionally deep that the shirt would cut down all the way to your belly button!  If you’re into deep V’s like myself, give “I’ll Be Alright (Tonight)” by Mura Masa a try.